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Tips for Selling & Recruiting for Avon Representatives

Tips for selling and recruiting are easier because from Avon Makeup and Fragrance to Mark by Avon and  Avon Home products the possibilities of sales are endless. tips

So whether you are selling Avon Products face-to-face, or Selling Avon Online there are a lot of ideas out there that can help.  Even after 26 years as an Avon Representative, I am always looking for new ideas and I try to share them with anyone who is interested.

Selling Avon online takes a lot of time and patience but it has proven to a wonderful way to sell Avon.  As I have gotten more involved in online sales and online recruiting, I have been trying to follow the lead of the masters in the field. While blogging takes time to be perfect (and I certainly don’t claim to be perfect at it), it is a great tool for marketing your Avon business.

I make sure to post my blog to all social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+. There is an endless supply of things you can blog about including but limited to promoting the opportunity to Sell Avon, Avon Products, and incentives, plus sales, promotions, or Tips for Avon Representatives.  The main criteria to provide useful information for anyone reading your Blog, whether it is a customer, recruit, or other Avon Representatives.

Be sure to link your social media accounts, “Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook,” etc. to your Avon e-store. Avon has a constant flow of great ads that are photo ready and easy to post to all your accounts so you will want to take advantage of their great selection.

Be sure to check out these sources for more ideas  and start making your dreams come true!

Tips for Selling and Recruiting Avon Online

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As the Leader of the Avon Rising Star Team I am always proud of the accomplishments of my team!  Since we are spread out around the United States, I keep in touch with everyone for training, motivation, and recognition by phone support, email, texting, blogs or whatever works for the individual representative.  I am available to anyone who needs me every day for most anything you need.  I welcome new representatives and you can sign up to sell Avon by clicking here.

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