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Avon Recruiting Tips – Recruiting Avon Representatives Online

As much as I love and promote Selling Avon Online and selling to my customer face-to-face is a job I love, the opportunity to recruit, build, and develop an Avon team is one that I treasure.  I learned that many of the top representatives in Avon who earn a significant yearly income have built and continue to build successful leadership businesses.  The key to this has been to continuously recruit, and teaching their team members how to do the same thing.  I have had success in recruiting online, using a lot of different methods.  No one method will do it all, but combining blog posts, social media posts, your Avon website, Avon Recruiting in the Social media center, and YouTube sharing videos and others that you may think of you can begin building a team using online recruiting.

I always recommend to a representative that each person has to decide what works for them and it is interesting all the methods I have seen work in both selling Avon and recruiting Avon Representatives.  But if you can find your special spot in marketing online, you can build a successful Avon team and take full advantage of all Avon Leadership has to offer.   As much as I love meeting new people and giving them the Avon Opportunity in person, when they appoint themselves online it definitely gives me a lot more time for all the other hats I wear with my Avon business.

My Avon Rising Stars Team is in various states across the country and this is so exciting.  I’m available to all representatives every day, for whatever they need, wherever they are by phone, text, email, conference calls, etc. Once you get a handle on online recruiting, you will be amazed at the growth of your team, and you will start reaching to achieve incentives, cash bonuses and Avon Leadership titles.  I always recommend to my representatives to set a goal but I believe that you set short term goals for long term benefits.  Once you reach your first goal, you immediately set the next one up.  You definitely need to know the details of the Leadership requirements, but mainly you work towards improving where you are and know your next short term goal.

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 Avon Online Recruiting Tips

1.  Blog Posts –  There are a lot of different blog posts out there and you need to write on a variety of topics in order to attract a maximum amount of people.   In my research to find what works certain ones seem to pop out as effective.  You need to have some that are geared to promote Avon products.  These are geared, of course, to helping find those new online customers to increase your sales.  But you must also gear a few of your posts to finding new Avon Representatives and helping current Avon Reps (your team and others) to areas such as recruiting, recognitions, tips etc.

If you’re like most of us, just the idea of writing a blog post scared us enough to never attempt it.  But there are some steps that have proven to be effective.

  • Pick a topic (keywords or a keyword phrase someone might use to research the Avon opportunity online).
  • Do a search yourself for the topic in Google to see searches related to that topic.
  • Use some of the keyword searches related to your topic as your subheaders in your article.
  • Include your keyword phrase in the header of your article and multiple times throughout your post.
  • Use at least one image in your blog post and give it the same title as your topics.
  • Answer questions that someone who is performing that search are interested in learning about.
  • Include clear, simple instructions one or more times throughout the article on how to sign up on your Avon Team
  • Go through and bold, italicize, and hyperlink other related keywords that are related to your topic.
  • Be sure to include tags (10 tags per post is good if possible) that relate to your topic if your blog platform allows for keyword tags.
  • Blogging Tip – Be sure your blog posts are 300 words or more and definitely contain helpful information for the reader.
  • Social Media Sharing – Once you have created your blog, you want to be sure to share and promote it on social media. Some good ones are Facebook pages and groups, Pinterest, GooglePlus, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

2.   Use Hootsuite or any Similar Program to Automate your Social Media Marketing and Free Up Your Time.  It is important to plan ahead to make sure you post equal amount on selling and recruiting.  I use Hootsuite to automate my social media marketing.  By scheduling all your social media posts ahead of time, you can be more methodical in planning what you post. You want to spend similar amounts of time on both your selling and recruiting marketing activities to ensure that you are building your business in both areas.

3. Customize your Avon Website Home Page – The  Believe in your Business widget on the front of your Avon eStore is a great way to collect information from your website visitors.  You can tell a visitor how to sign up on your Avon team by leaving a short sentence in your personal message.

4. Utilize the Recruiting Tools in Avon’s Social Media Center – Avon offers recruiting posts and featured videos in the Social Media Center in your Avon web office on  You are share all of these to your social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others.  They change these frequently so you need to always keep checking and the link on these posts send visitors to your personal Avon website.

5. Subscribe to Avon Products’ Official YouTube Page and Leverage Their Recruiting Videos –  Do you follow Avon Products on YouTube?  Are you aware they have several recruiting videos that you can take advantage of and share online with instructions on how followers can sign up on your team?  Until you are ready to make your own videos (or in addition) you can use the ones Avon has put together to entice people to join your team.  Be sure to include steps for how they can join your team when sharing Avon’s recruiting videos.  Keep your content fresh by rotating different types of posts and using various marketing message to share the many benefits of becoming an Avon Representative.

Avon Resources for Selling/Recruiting Online


Avon Leadership and Team Building Tips

  1. Use of the power of 3 everyday in person and online.  Connect with 3 new people and talk about your Avon business.  You don’t want to be pushy and constantly giving a sales pitch.  You just want to tell people your experience with Avon and why you love selling it.  Once you show others your excitement, chances are they will want to join your team.
  2. To Paraphrase one of my favorite Top Leaders with Avon – “Try to recruit them first, and if you can’t convert them to a customer.”   So each person can have the opportunity to 1) be part of your team, 2) Be a face-to-face customer, 3) to buy from you online.
  3. Always do your best to spend as much time on Recruiting and Leadership as you do on selling.  Do this and both your team and your sales will grow.
  4. Always put instruction on how to sign up with Avon, including your Reference Code, on everything you do including email, brochures. etc.
  5. Everyone loves Recognize so be sure to use it often with your team.  There are a lot of ways to recognize – use a few of which are phone calls, emails, and social media.
  6. Blog! Blog! Blog!  Use the Avon opportunity is different ways in blogs.  People search the internet and they can come across your article and might get interested.
  7. Always know the current Avon incentives.  They are not just for you, they are a wonderful tool to get your team excited.
  8. It’s easy to tell to your team to recruit.  But it’s important to provide the tools and information they need to recruit and build their team.
  9. Leadership and President’s Club are two things you should always talk about to your team.  Include something about them in your Newsletter each time.  Work with any team members who are interested and those who are selling $200.00 or more per campaign.
  10. Most team Leaders have their own incentives for their teams.  Be creative and come up with some for yours.  Everyone loves to win something!

Avon Representative Tips and Tools

Everyone’s time is different as work our Avon business.   But try to use 1-3 new sales or recruiting activities every week.  I found things that work for me, that don’t work as well for members of my team.  But see what works and is successful for you and continue to do the same successful marketing activities every campaign.








Tips for Selling and Recruiting Avon Online

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